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Having been playing with Boston SEO and internet marketing for the past decade I got inspired a while ago to start helping people after a trip to an agriculture conference.

Yes agriculture. My family has a small farm in Massachusetts but that’s another post.


So as I was saying I have   I started with SEO and IM building sites on WordPress about guitars. I would do keyword research build a site watch them always go to page one in Google and then move onto another one. I never really thought too much about it. It was just something that I was really really good at. Plus it helped that I thought it was fun to make these sites and watch them outrank the big guys sites.


So anyway at this Ag conference I was psyched to learn that there was going to be a speaker on internet marketing. I didn’t know anyone else into Boston SEO so I was ready to learn. As this guy was talking I saw looks of confusion on these farmer’s faces. Most of them had no idea what this guy was talking about. I felt a little bit like a geek but I wanted to ask the speaker his opinion on anchor text ratios. I had been experimenting with them. So I stood up and asked, “what kind of anchor text ratio does your company use to get the best ranking?”

His answer…. “What do you mean? So I explained what I meant and he said, “I don’t know what you are talking about”. So I explained to him what anchor text ratio was and he gave me an answer that I knew then and I know now would give absolutely zero results in Google rankings. People were paying for this! I was let down to say the least but at least I got to learn more about agriculture that day.

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So after a while people started asking me about ranking their sites. Friends and family mostly. I would analyze their sites and see the same mistakes pretty much every time. I would mention something and they would tell me that their friend (who isn’t an SEO at all) told them to do this and that. I’d ask if they are getting any clients from Google. 100% of the time they would say “NO!!!”


One particular case someone told me they were ranking for something that nobody searched for. I mean nobody! Needless to say that person hasn’t made a single sale to date from the “ranking”.


Fast forward a couple years I’d come into contact with some of the best SEO’s on the planet. I was on a hangout with some of these SEO’s and one man said something that I will never forget.


He said, “Google doesn’t care about the small business owner. They are not going to make any money off them. They don’t have the budget of huge companies to spend on Adwords. We are the only ones who can help them with their marketing and they need us”. That’s paraphrased but you get the point.


After he said that I remembered the confused faces of those farmers again and realized that doctors, landscapers, salespeople (add more) are in the same boat. Unless you have the budget of Amazon for advertising you need to be getting clients from organic search results. Don’t just rely on Adwords. There is a good reason to use Adwords but the click through rate is so much lower than the organic search results. Read this post.


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