Boston SEO Service

Boston SEO Service

Boston SEO isn’t just about high-rise buildings and multi million dollar companies. It’s about small businesses just like yours in the surrounding communities. People leave Boston and go back to their suburb homes and communities and buy your products and services


This is where your business needs to be able to be found in these google searches. Lets say you are a dentist in Norwood. How much business do you think you can get if you rank on page one of Google for the term “Boston dentist”? Apply the same thing to whatever service you offer. Boston SEO is no different



You don’t want your search to be so narrow that unless someone is searching for “plastic surgeon within 2 blocks of XXX Main St Newton” you wont get any clients. Your future clients don’t know you exist yet, so you better be showing up on page one for multiple terms or they are going to go to your competitor.


That’s the problem with a lot of Boston SEO services. The searches they rank you for are so narrow that you wont get a single client from them.


When you approach an SEO business, if they offer you a list of keywords, you need to check the search volume in Google to see how many searches you can expect each month. Even better, give your Boston SEO agency the keywords you have researched yourself and tell them you want to rank for them


Also don’t be thinking “I’ll just use Adwords” forget SEO. The rate of clicks between organic search results and Adwords is amazing. Click here to read some interesting info on Adwords. Your really should be using both. Adwords can bring you some traffic and right now traffic is becoming a big factor in Googles algorithm. They can work really well together.


I also recommend choosing a

boston seo company

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company that has the time for you, Not someone that takes your money, throws a bunch of spammy links at your site and sends you a huge impressive report with all your backlinks and no results. Or worse, a Google penalty and possibly a de-indexing of your site. That can be extremely difficult to recover from. Learn about Google indexing here



Lastly don’t be in love with your site. I know this is hard for a lot of business owners and website developers. If your website is beautiful but not SEO optimized you are out of the race before it evens starts.

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