Boston Web Marketing

Does your business really need web marketing? Are you currently servicing all the clients that you can possibly handle? Web marketing is critical to the scaling up of your business. Online marketing is one of the most overlooked and underutilized forms of marketing i see from small to mid sized companies today. Hiring a Boston web marketing company can help.


Consider this. If you own a shop or a service business and you are ranking on page 2 or worse for your service and town, then you have something wrong. This is not necessarily true for big cities like New York or Boston, but the suburbs.


Web marketing done wrong is forcing your customers to never meet you. Think about your own habits when searching for a business or service. Would you go past page 1 to find someone to hire? Of course not.

boston web marketing

Boston Web Marketing


Your competition is investing in their business. Perhaps they are hiring an SEO agency to help them dominate the front page of Google. That’s why they are there. They know that being on page 1 of Google is going to put them in front of 1000’s of potential customers. Get your site on page 1 of Google by making it optimized for the search engines and watch what happens.


Search Engine Optimization Boston MA


What does it mean to have your website optimized? In easy to understand language, it means making your site able to tell Google


  • What your business offers
  • Where you are located
  • How much authority you have based on competitors
  • How long you have been in business
  • What products you have


Now in technical terms it means having your on-page SEO on point. Making sure your images are named correctly and introduced to the Google people nicely. It also means having good quality backlinks pointing to your site. Not spammy links from low authority sites. It means having your content updated on a regular basis. Having it keyword focused while not having the keyword unnaturally appearing too many times. It means interlinking your pages properly to maintain link juice throughout your site. See, hiring an seo professional is a good idea. You need to have your business website optimized.


Local SEO


Finding the right local SEO company to handle this can be a daunting task. Here is a couple of tips when choosing an agency to do your search engine optimization.


  • Make sure the marketing company has some rankings to show you
  • Ask them what techniques they will be using to rank your website
  • How long will it take (this isn’t going to be exact)
  • If they guarantee rankings, run away fast (serious)
  • How many hours per month will they be working on your site


All companies are going to vary because there are many ways to rank a website and different SEO’s have experience with different techniques. No 2 Boston web marketing company do it 100% the same.


Increasing Search Engine Rankings


As your search engine rankings increase, the amount of targeted people visiting your site should increase as well. If this doesn’t happen, you may be targeting the wrong keywords. Keyword research is a whole other can of worms. So it’s a good idea to be targeting 3-4 keywords and see what ones are bringing you traffic and dump the ones that are not. I have ranked for keywords that turned out to be duds.

internet marketing

If you are a plastic surgeon you should not only rank for plastic surgeon and your city, you should also be increasing your ranking for more buyer keywords. One example is say you are surgeon who does tummy tuck surgery in Worcester MA. Ranking your site on page 1 of Google for “tummy tuck Worcester” is great. If you rank your site for that plus “tummy tuck Worcester cost”, well that’s even better. You know have a buyer keyword, so even if the amount of searches per month is low, the person searching is closer to buying than someone just searching for info. That’s why it’s important to increase your search engine rankings for both of these keywords.


Boston MA SEO services


Your SEO agency does not need to be in your city but it’s always nice when I can meet a client and not just talk on the phone. Sometimes I am on the phone talking to people in Colorado, California, Florida, New York, or Pennsylvania. Its flattering i guess to say I work with clients all around the country, but it’s also nice to be able to drive to a client’s office in Boston. However, don’t just choose your SEO because they are local, choose them because it feels right. Make sure you are comfortable with them handling the web marketing of your business.


The world is so small now that even if you live in Alaska, you can hire a web marketer that lives in Atlanta. I just highly recommend that you hire some based in North America only because it will look really unnatural if someone from India is working on your site. It’s a really bad idea. Just don’t do it.


Deciding to Hire A Web Marketing Company


Taking all these things into consideration, you should understand how to choose an SEO company and why it’s something that is a great investment in your business. Don’t leave it to amateurs and if you decide to do it yourself, get some coaching. If you are in a highly competitive industry, get some coaching.hiring a web marketing company for seo


Books are great, and you can learn a lot, but you are not going to get all the industry secrets from books. Sorry, it’s just not going to happen. If you are willing to invest in some training and a lot of your time, you will be able to handle your own web marketing but go slow and test everything.


Don’t do too much at one because it will look unnatural and also you will never know just what was working and what wasn’t working because you will have too many variables so the next time you start working on a new ranking for a different keyword, you won’t know exactly where to start