For Farmers – Don’t Let This Happen To Your Website

Ok so here is the deal on this mobile friendly penalty or mobilgeddon or whatever you want to call it. On March 16, 2016 Google announced that your site will be crushed in the searches if it is not “mobile friendly” in May.


This is extremely important for business owners because if you blow this off, you are going to lose your mobile rankings. You need to understand that there are actually 2 search engines. One is desktop, and one is mobile. Google says that:


66% of all searches happen on a mobile device.


But here is the even more important part.




That’s huge!


So this mobile friendly penalty is so big and such a huge deal for your business that Google is actually putting out press releases warning people that if their site is not mobile friendly it’s going to be gone from the searches.


Not only that, but they released their own tool for you to check your site.


Click this link and put in your URL You will see this is no joke. And it means you’re your new customers can end up going to another business.


So what am I doing?


Being a farmer myself I know how passionate farmers are. My family has a small farm in North Reading. It’s the family farms and the small farms I love. I mean, I even named my business AgPunk SEO. The “ag” is agriculture. However we are often too busy and too focused on farming to know that SEO (search engine optimization) even exists.


In the class “Planning For Startup”  at the MDAR we learned that as farmers we  often spend all our time farming, and too little time keeping records. HAHA! Guilty!internet marketing boston



Not only that we don’t take seriously how important the web is to our business. A lot of times we think that all we have to do is have a website and the customers will come. Not true at all. The only reason I know is because I actually have a small SEO and Digital Marketing Business.


A few days ago I was talking with some of my SEO mentors and we were talking about this penalty and I thought I would offer to help out a farmer who helped my family last year. I noticed his site was not mobile friendly when I searched on my iPhone.


But this is where I got shocked. Actually I was really freaked out and a bit scared. This is what happened:


You know when you do a search and you see the “people also searched for” websites? Well I started clicking on them and started realizing that all these farms had websites that were not mobile friendly. That scares the heck out of me because these sites can disappear the moment Google implements the algorithm update in the next days and weeks.


So I decided to put all my SEO work on the back burner and do nothing else but focus on fixing these websites for farms for the next few weeks. I have so much respect and admiration for farmers that this is all I want to do right now. I need to do this.


I can fix your site at a very minimal cost and have it done inside of 24 hours. I encourage all farmers to take this mobile friendly update serious because as an SEO I have seen how damaging Google updates can be and this one appears to be a major one.


By the way I know you are going to need some proof of what I do so here are some of the rankings I have achieved. I have consulted lawyers and professional service business owners, photographers and even built and ranked sites in the plastic surgery industry, but my heart is in agriculture and farmers are the people I care about the most.

professional service SEO

Client ranking number 1

wellesley seo

Beating other SEO agencies for the term “wellesley SEO”


I want to make sure you are taken care of. If you want me to take care of this for you please get back to me by sending your contact info to Lastly your site needs to have been built on WordPress for me to be able to fix it.


Thank you





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