Portland ME SEO

Portland ME SEO

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Boston, Portland ME SEO is still a priority for many businesses. Even in a city much different than Boston, competition for those top 10 spots in Google is fierce.


Whether you own a restaurant, bed and breakfast hotel, boating company, or any of the many service businesses in Portland your new cold clients are going to find you on Google.


It’s just a fact. Paying for Google Adwords probably isn’t doing what you were told it would do. Remember Adwords only gets about a 10% click-through while organic search results are getting 40-60%. That’s a huge difference.

Portland ME SEO

One thing you may do to help out your Portland ME SEO rankings (and this is a simple and often overlooked technique) is to make sure your big 4 social medias are all pointing to each other.


What do I mean by that? Your big 4 are:


  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Google+


At some point your social media big 4 should all link to each other. This is called social stacking and a lot of businesses and SEO’s are overlooking it right now. It lets Google know you are out there and working on your social media and social signals are really hot right now in SEO. If you need a hand with this shoot me a message at agpunkseo@gmail.com and I will explain it to you



Portland ME SEO is no different from rest of the country in this aspect. One difference however, from much of the country is that Portland is a 1/3 service industry and mostly small to midsize businesses. Obviously LL Bean doesn’t count here! You need to have these and they will go a lot further doing Portland ME SEO than say Boston SEO because a lot of service businesses and businesses in general are not doing this simple tiny step just yet.


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