Social Media Profiles To Boost Your SEO

One of the first things I have to tell clients of our Boston SEO service is to make sure their social media profiles are claimed. You need to claim as many as you can.

I know businesses that have as many as 300 profiles pointing to one page on their site.  As a Boston SEO consultant I swear I have to tell every person looking for search engine optimization help to start here.
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Having your business claim as many Social media profiles instantly gives you quality back links. These back links are from credible sites too. I have seen time and time again businesses that hired some flat rate SEO company because of their price and have none of these social media sites claimed.

  1. They also don’t rank for what they paid for. I also have had to argue with clients over the importance of this. Because businesses are told about links all day, that’s all they want to hear about. This part of SEO seems incredibly unsexy. Yes its time consuming and really really boring but its worth it. You might want to hire someone to do it if you don’t want to spend the time yourself doing it. But do it right. Do this wrong and you will lose credibility in the eyes of Google.So how do you set up your social profiles the right way?You must must must start with the 4 big guns of Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Youtube. Here is what you are going to do
    1.         Create these 4 accounts
    2.         Fill out the profiles. Seems simple but I have seen people who have skipped this step
    3.         Make sure to add the link to your site. Again I have seen people skip this.
    4.         Ok the super important step, each one of these profiles MUST link to each of the other. I cannot express the importance of this. I have ranked medical sites on page 1 just by doing this and then adding a couple more profiles after.So why do you need to make sure you have these profiles first? Because this is what businesses do. Google knows this. So if you don’t have a Facebook page, your business is not going to seem real to them and they will not rank you. Also Google cannot ignore social media. Its part of the ranking factor. In highly competitive niches, this wont be enough obviously but without it, forget about ranking.


In search engine optimization Boston MA is an incredibly competitive market so go the extra mile and do this.
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After these profiles are indexed you can start building out all the other social media profiles. You don’t have to do all of the social media profiles in one day. Do a few a day and you will see your rankings increasing.

There is way too many to mention but I will give you some of my favorites. is hugely popular site with tons of activity
Live Journal

To find hundreds more go to and type in your brand name. It will tell you all of the available social media profiles that are available. Grab em all!!  Don’t skip this step, don’t discredit it. This is a real deal SEO technique that way too many businesses are ignoring because it is incredibly simple and really effective.
Its worth it to pay someone a few hundred dollars to do this because the ROI as far as rankings go is incredible. Every SEO expert (not cut rate seo wannabees who read a couple of books and can spout off BS theory all day) is doing this for some of the most competitive markets in the country.


You need to look legitimate in the eyes of Google and have a ton of social proof to show them that your business needs to be on page 1 for your searches. When you hire a Boston seo service, ask them what social profiles they are going to make for you and how many? Unless they say “as many as I can find” I would move on.

I ranked a client’s plastic surgery site for medium sized city by do the following steps

1.            Created the 4 big guns Social Media sites. Again they are Facebook, Google+,   Twitter, and YouTube all linking to the main clients main website.
2.         Linked each one of these to the other 3
3.            Created a HubPages article linking to FB
4.            Created a Tumblr post linking to Twitter
5.            Created a Blogger post linking Google+
6.         Got 4 really really good back links to the site. (Not some junk links bought from sketchy sites)
The main site had only 1 (yes one) article on it.
I made sure that the on-page SEO was really on point

That’s all I had to do to get the client ranking number one. Now even though this was a medium sized city he was ranking for, it still took a couple months to get him there. And making sure his on-page was on point and the quality of the other back links definitely were factors.

If you are trying to compete in a huge city like Boston SEO is going to take a lot more work and it’s going to involve an investment. Figure out your potential ROI on SEO and if you can recoup your investment back in just a few sales in a year then it’s totally worth it to hire and SEO expert.

I hope this helps you out. If you have any questions about the steps to take shoot me a message on twitter @agpunkseo and I will answer it because chances are if you have a question then someone else does too.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and I ask that you got any value out of it to please share it on Twitter and Facebook. Thank you so very very much!